About us

Company Profile

Brainbridge International Consultant Company Limited (“Brainbridge International”), incorporated in Hong Kong, aims to provide more comprehensive and professional overseas investment service for institutions and high-end clients, mainly invested in overseas property investment and development, engaged in family trust planning, etc.

Brainbridge International focuses on the investment and development of resorts, hotels, and Airbnbs in Japan, it is the main developer of the "Brainwin Japan Hospitality Property Fund" investment projects.

Brainbridge Japan is a brand of Brainbridge International.

Brainbridge International's team of real estate experts has more than 20 years of development experience. The team members have participated in various large, medium and small projects such as Grade A office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and serviced apartments in Hong Kong, Shanghai, UK, US and Japan.

The management teams of both Brainbridge International and Brainbridge Japan are composed of professionals with rich real estate investment experience, and they can offer the investors with professional and highly effective service on Japanese real estate investment.

Brainbridge International deeply entered the Japanese real estate market in 2018 and established a Japanese real estate team!

We are engaged in Japanese property investment and management for some families and investors, including property selection, renovation, development, B&B rental operation, etc. We have developed and managed more than 50 properties.

Our mission

Brainbridge International's mission is to set up a bridge for domestic and overseas investors to enter the overseas property investment market, including individual investors, High-net-worth clients, professional investors, financial institutions, domestic enterprises and family offices. With leading market insight and outstanding expertise, Brainbridge International controls risks and delivers optimal returns for customers in a rapidly changing global financial environment.



Mr. Chen Yue


Mr. Chen Yue, a top-level manager with international vision and extensive investment management experience, has rich experience in financial services and investment management. He is the founder and chairman of Shanghai Jianyuan Financial Information Services Group Company Limited. He also serves as Chairman of Jiyuan Financial (Hong Kong) Company Limited, Chairman of Jiyuan Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited and Chairman of Fortune Management (Hong Kong) Limited.

Mr. Chen Yue has been in the field of finance and economics for a long time, and once worked in economic research in Shanghai Municipal Government and Xinhua News Agency Hong Kong Branch. As the founder of China's famous financial media “MoneyWeekly”, he currently serves as chairman of MoneyWeekly Media Company Limited, and he is also the vice president of Shanghai Modern Service Industry Federation and director of the Financial Science and Technology Services Professional Committee.

Mr. Chen Yue, with a profound academic background in finance and economics, holds a bachelor's and master's degree in economics from Fudan University. He is currently an off-campus M.sc Supervisor at the School of Economics of Fudan University and a visiting professor at the EMBA Center of Shanghai University. He also serves as chairman of Shanghai Institute of Modern Services Development and Research, vice president of Alumni Association of the School of Economics of Fudan University, and honorary president of the Presidents Association of Financial Investment and Wealth Management of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


Mr. Chan Pak Hin Percy

「Brainbridge International」Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer

Mr. Percy Chan has more than 20 years of experience in the banking and financial industry, specializing on family office planning and operation, investment research, fixed income, equity, foreign exchange, derivatives trading and real estate investment. Mr. Chan held senior positions in many multinational investment banks,including HSBC Investment Bank (Asia), Citigroup (Hong Kong) and Amudi Pioneer Asset Management. He is a Speaker of Forbes, Bloomberg, China & Hong Kong Banking Association, and often interviewed by RTHK, Capital-HK, China Securities Journal, China-CBN and other media; He is also Visiting professor at Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Mr. Percy Chan has profound Japanese investment experience. As the chief investment officer of Brainbridge International, he made proposals and decisions for projects. Mr. Chan has extensive experience in investment analysis, land development and planning, engineering construction, rental operation and management, etc. He has participated in the development and construction of multiple real estate projects in Tokyo and Osaka, and is the senior official of the investment department of two developers, Snow Park Resort and Japan Sunshine.


Honors Received by Mr. Chan Pak Hin Percy

Mr. Chan Pak Hin Percy was invited to the Forbes Forum and the "Belt and Road Initiative" Asian Innovative Products Investment Summit and delivered speeches:

Mr. Chan Pak Hin Percy attended various financial activities with Jim Roger, the “King of Commodity ”, and Francis Leung, the “Father of Red Chips", and had pictures with eminent people.

Mr. Wang Yihuay

「Brainbridge Japan」Executive Director

Mr. Wang has nearly 20 years of entrepreneurship and investment experience. He has successfully founded companies such as Chaoxun China and 51 Buying Houses, and was the first to introduce digital strategies for marketing in the real estate industry.

Mr. Wang has an in-depth understanding of Japanese real estate investment. During the past six years as the executive director of Japanese Real Estate Development and Asset Management, he participated in project development, operation and asset management, and successfully developed a total of 300 one-family buildings in Osaka. Committed to building an overseas asset management development and operation fund brand, initial results have been achieved.


Our Professional Team

Mr. Herbert Li, Director (Hong Kong)

Mr. Herbert Li has almost 20 years of real estate experience in Asia and UK, and he is currently acting as the Head of Asset Management for a real estate fund, managing a portfolio of Grade A office building, shopping center and serviced apartment with over 7 million sq ft. He held various investment and leasing positions at JLL, DTZ/Cushman & Wakefield in Hong Kong and Shanghai in early 2000s, with solid hands-on experience in office, retail, industrial and hospitality sectors. Herbert is a professional member the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and also serve as an assessor for RICS China since 2013.

Mr. Wilson Ma, Director (Hong Kong)

Mr. Wilson Ma has extensive experience in the management of large-scale projects and interior/exterior decoration projects. He was employed by a number of well-known engineering companies, such as Deji Construction Engineering Company Limited, Dayi Company Limited, and Futeng Engineering Company Limited.Mr. Ma Zheng has been involved in many large-scale domestic and foreign projects, such as AIA Tower public area fine decoration project at Central Hong Kong, SHAMA hotel apartment project in Hong Kong and so on.

Mr. 令和 榮 (Osaka)

Educated in from a young age and graduated from the Osaka University School of Economics. After graduating from university, he has been working in real estate investment and development in Osaka, Japan, and has more than 15 years of real estate investment and development experience. He has extensive experience in real estate development and is currently working on the renovation of old buildings in Osaka and looking for suitable Japanese real estate investment projects for overseas investors. In recent years, he has successfully completed the acquisition, renovation, marketing and transformation of several old buildings in Osaka Tennoji , Nishinari-ku and Namba into hotels, B&Bs and hotels.

リョウ エイ-- Ms. Aki (Osaka)

Ms. Aki is very familiar with the Japanese market and customers and has been engaged in real estate and B&B management for more than 15 years. Ms. Aki has great acumen in the real estate market and is good at exploring areas, land and properties with growth potential. In particular, she has rich experience in B&B management. The occupancy rate can be significantly improved through her planning and marketing of B&B properties. 

トショウリ-- Mr. Du (Osaka)

Mr. Du has been engaged in real estate construction for more than 10 years, including the design of construction projects and supervision of construction. Mr. Du is particularly good at reconstruction and renovation of old properties, especially tailor-made project plans. He has professional construction supervision capabilities and can ensure the construction progress and quality of the project.